2020, March 16th

Dear friends

From EURHODIP, we wanted to send you a message full of affection in these difficult times.

I imagine that many of you will read to me from your homes, transformed into a place of life, work, and leisure, with the children playing and getting bored sometimes. Courage dear friends! We will get it.

I am one of those people who think that you have to take advantage of crises to think, to create, to innovate. We are seeing from all of our schools many initiatives so that our students can continue with their training despite being locked up at home. Do not hesitate to share these ideas that are working in your centers to help the other schools. We will echo these initiatives.

We have known this for a long time from the associative world. Union makes force. So let us all work together, collaborate, be united, and together we will get out of this health crisis.

And as we say on social media, #Stayhome #Restezchezvous #Quedateencasa


Luis de Lezama

EURHODIP President