The aim of this competition is to acknowledge the creative teaching carried out by Eurhodip member school’s teachers, instructors, and lecturers. Since the Covid-19 virus breakout and lockdown, Eurhodip school members have been very creative in developing curriculums and changing the way they are teaching the practical and theoretical skills and knowledge in the subject of tourism and hospitality. Many schools had developed online teaching material and systems; however, Eurhodip school are extraordinary in that their teachers continue to be very creative in teaching and learning with their student’s. As a result of this we have decided to keep this competition going. We would like to invite school directors to enter their teachers in this competition.

  • Teacher must be teaching on Tourism, Hospitality or Culinary related themes.
  • The teacher must be from a Eurhodip member school.
  • The Contest is based on the teacher’s curriculum during September 2021 – to date.
  • Creative and different to standard teaching style’s.
  • Interesting.
  • Subject must be related to tourism, hospitality or culinary.

The Executive Board of Eurhodip and HOSCO Representative


13th October 2023

  • Conference Fee to Famagusta, North Cyprus, for 1st place (Excluding Transfer’s).
  • Certificate.
  • Promotion of school in Eurhodip Magazine and website.
  1. School Director or Dean enters the teacher/s by email at
  2. Fill in Registration form attached.
  3. Evidence of the creative teaching is provided with the application,
  4. A payment of 15€ is made per teacher to Eurhodip (or 30€ for 3 teachers’ applications from the same member).
  5. Invoice will be sent by Eurhodip Coordinator after receipt of the Registration form.

What is EURHODIP Gastronomic International Competition (EGIC)?

It is a gastronomic competition “EURHODIP GASTRONOMY INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION”. In this event, the different abilities and skills of the students from EURHODIP schools that participate will be evaluated on the disciplines of: Cuisine, Patisserie, Restaurant services and Sommelier.

Which schools are allowed to participate?

This event is limited to ten schools that must be members of EURHODIP. Once the registration period is over, if there were more than ten schools, there will be a public draw in which the ten participating schools will be chosen and another three schools will stay on hold in case some of the selected schools wouldn’t be able to assist.

1. Responsability

Each participating school will be responsible for the students they present. For the competition, each school must register 3 representatives: 1 student for the cuisine discipline + 1 for patisserie + 1 for restaurant services and sommelier. Within each category there will be another back up student in the event of an unforeseen problem that leads to the main representative not being able to assist. The participating and the back up students must certificate that their academic training is above 2 years within the school and a level of English of B2 or higher.

The inscriptions forces the student’s participation in all of the stages of the competition as a way of promoting the exchange of experiences, knowledge and innovation. For that, it is necessary that the teams are constituted by students from different schools sorted by a draw that will take place at the initial meeting room. It will not be allowed to form teams with more than 1 student from the same school. Each school and participant are assigned with a number sorted by the inscription order.

2. Application process

When EURHODIP make public the opening of the competition, each student, through their school, must send their curriculum along with a motivation letter to the organizing commission EURHODIP (

3. Deadline

If there are more than 8 applicant schools, the definitive participants will be sorted by a public draw.

4. Obligations and tasks for the schools and participants

Obligations and tasks for the schools and the participants:

4.1- Each school will be in charge of the student’s transportation to the conference, with the possibility of using local sponsors for each school as travel grants. The sponsors will have the right to use their brand throughout the competition, the dinner party and the award ceremony. The EURHODIP organization will get in contact with each of the sponsors to give them proper instructions about the placement of their brands.

4.3- Each participating school will be responsible of the health coverage of their students.

5. Obligations and tasks for the hosting school

Obligations and tasks for the hosting school:

5.1- The hosting school and its sponsors will be responsible for the lodging and maintenance costs of all the participants.

5.2- The hosting school will provide the 70% of the members of the jury.

5.3- The school’s facilities will be at the event’s disposal. All of the equipment, tools or utensils needed for the development of the competition.

5.4- The host school is allowed to receive the financial support of sponsors that might be interested in helping in the development of the activities of the competition.

6. Eurhodip obligations

EURHODIP obligations:

6.1- EURHODIP organization will provide the 30% of the members of the jury

6.2- Evaluate the curriculum and the motivation letter of each student that participates.

6.3- There will be 3 coordinators. One of them will be a link between the schools and the organization and the other two will be designated by the hosting school and EURHODIP respectively.

Example of development of the competition

Day 1. Stage 1

– Arrival of the participants of EGIC
– Master Class
– Tasting Session
– List of Ingredients
– Creation of the groups

Day 2. Stage 2

– Market to see local products
– Teambuilding lunch
– Presentation and description of the Menu project

Day 3. Stage 3

– Cooking time
– Cocktail competition
– Service competition
– Interview with the jury

Day 4. Gala Dinner

– Jury’s decision and award ceremony.

Eurhodip Startup Challenge (ESC)

The ESC is a call for students from all the International Association Eurhodip schools with the aim to create scalable, repeatable and profitable business models.

General Information

The challenge takes place during the EURHODIP conference, with coaching of delegate’s groups by EURHODIP members. The groups of delegates are drawn and the number of candidates per group depends on the number of registered delegates (max 5 people). The jury is composed of EURHODIP Board Member under the chairmanship of the partner / sponsor, who has defined the specifications of the work to be done. The best team will be awarded according to the evaluation’s criteria given during the launch of the conference.


It will be communicated at the launch of the under the chairmanship of the partner / sponsor. The objective is to define the outline of an innovative project, or product, in teams, and to present your original ideal during the conference.

The Delegation

The delegation depends on the organizer. For the edition 2019 of the EURHODIP START-UP CHALLENGE we are pleased to invite 2 student delegates per school. One faculty/staff member is very welcome join the start-up and the conference as well if interested. Every school is therefore entitled to a 3-person delegation.

The Procedure

Once your delegates are selected using the selection process we ask you to send their names and the participating faculty member’s names/e-mail addresses to the organizer. Our team will contact them soon to start the registration process.

The Promotion

In order to advertise the ESC to your students you will be sent a poster in HD in pdf Format, which can be edited and printed for marketing purpose. You will also receive our logo which you may use in presentations and communication channels. All delegates will receive at least a certificate as EURHODIP START-UP CHALLENGE’s School Representative for his participation. You may use this unique opportunity to encourage students to apply.

The Delegate Profile

The ESC is open to students from level 4 until level 7. Candidates must have completed at least 3 months of internship in the hotel and/or tourism sector in operational and/or administrative contexts. It is essential that both delegates can speak and write in English.

Behaviour, professionalism, leadership skills, teamwork, creativity and motivation should also be key factors in the selection process.

It is important to check the eligibility of students to obtain a visa to enter the ESC host country.

The candidate should preferably aim to pursue a career in the hospitality industry. Significant experience in the sector through internships is fundamental.

As the main challenge of the competition will be communicated by our partner / sponsor at the opening of the EURHODIP conference, thus launching the opening of the ESC, the key factors of success are confidence, charisma and the conviction of the students during the presentation.

Eurhodip Videocreation Competition

With the aim of promoting the cultural exchange, underlining the most important moments of each school and getting to know the inner works of each one of the participating centres, this competition aims to encourage, in a participative way, the student’s motivation, highlighting the school’s values and main attributes. In a visual format, they will be able to show the school and extracurricular activities, the day to day events or even particular stories from the course.

Having this concept in mind, The objective of these videos will be to exchange and share the things that define us as schools, as well as to bringing together all of the members of the association.


This is a call to all Eurhodip schools to present their own videos about activities carried out in their centres. These videos should convey the values of Eurhodip and the participating school itself.


Video creations must meet the following specifications:

Content: They must reflect the development of an educational activity that has been developed within the centre assigned to Eurhodip. School logo + Eurhodip logo

Duration: Maximum of 5 minutes.

Type of file: MP4 files

Format: Panoramic 16: 9

Quality: Minimum 540p. Recommended 1024p

Announcement: The video creations should be sent to Eurhodip before competition deadline in order to be published on the platform defined by the Association.

Evaluation criteria

Differentiating criteria

  1. Use the appropriate format.
  2. Creativity (introduces the content on an innovative way)
  3. Sound record (Voice, sound level, sounds, etc.)
  4. Use of appropriate language.
  5. Suitability of title.
  6. Adequacy to the theme.
  7. Relevance of the subjects covered.
  8. Organization of the ideas.
  9. Message clarity.
  10. Use of images related to the theme.

Elimination Criteria

  1. Work that exceeds the duration stipulated in the competition regulations will be eliminated.
  2. Work that constitutes plagiarism or misuse of work or ideas of third parties will also be eliminated.

Results will be announced at the gala dinner.


  1. Winner School award: Special Certificate to be displayed in the school + 200€ Amazon Gift Card
  2. Publication on EURHODIP website, section Video and Social Media, of the five finalist videos with a special identification of the winner.
  3. Certificates to the 5 finalists.
Awards 2019

1st Prize Vatel SWITZERLAND: See Video

2nd Prize Escuela Superior de Hostelería de Sevilla – SPAIN: See video

3rd Prize Schule für Hotel- und Tourismusmanagement Wiesau – GERMANY: See video

4th Prize Anko from Greece: See video

5th Prize Turismo de Portugal – Escola de Hotelaria de LISBOA: See video

Best EURHODIP Hotel Competition

In EURHODIP, we believe that the relationship between schools and industry is fundamental.
We teach our students the skills they need to work in the tourism industry, and we are provided with internships and jobs placement for our students.

Competition rules
  1. Only hotels offering internships for EURHODIP members students can be part of the competition.
  2. The hotel candidates have to be signed up by their corresponding EURHODIP member.
  3. Up to three candidates per member.
  4. “EURHODIP HOTEL COMPETITION – APPLICATION FORM” has to be sent by email at on due time.
Voting process

The following criteria will be take into consideration:

  • Relation between the hotel and the school
  • Number of Internships provided
  • Quality of Training during internship
  • Satisfaction of the students
  • Satisfaction of the school


The jury will be chaired by the president of EURHODIP or a member from the Board of Directors and will be composed of 4 hotel teachers / internships coordinator from the schools that present candidates.

The students who did internships in the hotel candidates will be part of the vote filling in an online questionnaire through Google form.

The students and the 4 teachers / internships coordinator members of the jury will be sent a personal link to vote once the application deadline is closed.


The price might change depending on the year.

Awards 2019

Kempinski Bahía Estepona – SPAIN: See video

This prize has been given for the high level in the quality and learning of the practice processes developed by the hotel, effectively identifying the student’s profile to offer a great opportunity for professional development that begins with the practices and that subsequently allows them to integrate into the workplace. On another hand, we would like to highlight the active role played by Mr. Pedro HIDALGO, Director of Human Resources. It is important to emphasize on his special involvement in the selection and management of practices, continuous advice, evaluation and monitoring of the student, as well as his personal commitment as a mentor of the students.

Eurhodip Nominee for Achievement in Tourism and Hospitality

Every year, with the Eurhodip Award, Eurhodip congratulates personalities from the world of hospitality and tourism for their contribution and their commitment

Among the Awards given by EURHODIP through the last decades, we could highlight the award given in 2017 to Mr. Andreas SCHLEICHER.

Mr. Andreas SCHLEICHER is Director for Education and Skills, and Special Advisor on Education Policy to the Secretary-General at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris. He has been awarded for his contribution to the education with the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).

The Programme for International Student Assessment is a triennial international survey which aims to evaluate education systems worldwide by testing the skills and knowledge of 15-year-old students.

Dates Winners

Mr. Rafael ANSON President of the Spanish Royal Academy of Gastronomy

Mr Ahmet AKTAS, Ph.DF ormer Director of the School of Tourism and Hotel Management of Akdeniz University of Antalya in Turkey

2011 – PARIS

Mr. Alain SEBBAN for his long-standing commitment in EURHODIP

Mr. Marjan HRIBAR for his action in favour of tourism in Slovenia and in the UE and in the UNWTO

2012 – MARTIGNY Mr. Andrew Green for his contribution to the industry for promoting the art of gastronomy and culinary skills for young people entering the hospitality and catering industry
2013 – MARIBOR

Mr Mitja Maruško, the Head of the Directorate for Investments at the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports of the Republic of Slovenia

Mr Jaume Tapiès, the International President of the brand Relais & Châteaux

Mr. Viktor Puguiev, the Head of the Holding “Central Council on Tourism and Excursions” (CCTE)

2015 – TEL AVIV

Mr. Alfred AKIROV – Founder and Chairman of ALROV

Mrs. Mina GANEM – Director of Professional Training in the ministry of Tourism ISRAEL

Mr. Henri MAGNE – International Development Consultant

2016 – YEREVAN


Mr. Levon MKRTCHYAN – Minister of Education and Science in Armenia

Mr. Taron MARGARYAN – Major of Yerevan

2017 – SEVILLE

MIGUEL VILLEGAS for his labour in the development of the Tourism Industry in Andalucía




Mrs Aylin YAZICIOGLU – Executive Chef Nicole, Istanbul

Mr. Saffet Emre TONGUC – Historian, Tourist Guide

Mr. Richard APPELBAUM – Divan Group CEO

Prize for Innovation in Tourism and Hospitality Eurhodip


With it we want to promote those initiatives that transcend borders and reveal new products and new ways of doing. In this way, we will encourage companies to undertake the creation of new formats for the promotion of tourism and hospitality in a time when the sun, the sea and the mountains, the historical monuments are no longer valid, the new technological era needs to provide new formats to present them.

That is why we institute this FIRST PRIZE FOR INNOVATION IN TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY EURHODIP in the tourism and hospitality industry. Each member, through their school or university, may present an application until deadline for competition that will be evaluated by a jury composed of the Executive Board or members of the Board of Directors under the presidency of EURHODIP President. The prize, a EURHODIP Cock, will be presented at the Gala diner of the congress.

Director of Affiliate Members from the UNWTO, Mr. Ion VILCU

Dates Winners

Secretary General UNWTO Mr. Zurab Pololikaschvili


  • Connect young and talented professionals in the field of hospitality, tourism and wellness and future workers, with the aim of acquiring practical competencies in their field of studies.
  • Give students a rich practical experience that will make it much easier for them to enter the labour market.
  • Stimulate the development of creative integrated products based on the principles of Generation Z and promote European natural and cultural diversity.
  • Emphasize the principles of sustainable development and wellbeing through gastronomy tourism.
Theme and structure
  • Well-being and sustainability in gastronomy tourism.
  • In groups of 3 students and one mentor (1 TEAM PER SCHOOL), it will be necessary to create an integral tourist product at any chosen tourist destination in the home region.
Competition outputs

Short business plan: a maximum of 4500 characters without spaces in which the following elements are clearly highlighted:

  • Unique points of sale of the destination, which must contain the following elements: well-being and sustainability, sustainable culinary tradition.
  • Clearly exposed components of the entire integrated tourist product and calculation of the selling price.
  • Draft promotional plan for an integrated tourism product.

Video presentation

  • Maximum duration from 3 to 4 minutes, which must contain the following elements:
  • Maximum 1 minute pitch in which will be necessary to concisely present the main advantages of your integral tourist product;
  • Use the rest of the time (max 3 minutes) to creatively present and promote your integral tourism product. Make it look like an unforgettable experience.
  • Video can be filmed with your phone in HD, (horizontal point of view).
  • Compulsory: opening page of the video with logo of EURHODIP, logo of the School, name of the competition, use of hashtags: #taste2connect, #eurhodip
Competition rules
  • Only the students from the schools of the EURHODIP family can take part in this competition.
  • The language of the competition is English.
  • Each Eurhodip member school can compete with only one team.
  • Professional knowledge of the theme
  • Feasibility
  • Practical value
  • Creativity
  • Team work
  • Technical Aspects
  • Promotion on social media

International jury from the hospitality, tourism and wellness sector

Awards ceremony 2021
Position Name School
1 Guardians of the Sustainable Gastronomy Final International University – North Cyprus
2 Gulae Loci Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo do Lisboa – Portugal
2 Food lovers Vocational College of Hospitality and Tourism Maribor – Slovenia
3 ESHS Team Escuela Superior de Hostelería de Sevilla – Spain