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You will become a CANDIDATE MEMBER until approval by General Assembly

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You will receive Membership Certificate in the Conference


For students
  1. Free access to HOSCO platform
  2. International competitions (StartUp, Culinary and Service, Videocreation, etc.)
  3. Networking with international students
  4. Access to the UNWTO eLibrary from your school
  5. Possibility to do Eurhodip Qualifications, recognized by the Hospitality & Tourism Industry
For Schools
  1. Networking with 150 members from 35 countries
  2. Active participation to our Annual Conference and General Assembly
  3. Possibility to host Eurhodip Annual Conference
  4. Publication of articles in our annual Magazine
  5. 30% discount in HOSCO basic affiliation
  6. Free and unlimited access to the UNWTO eLibrary
  7. Possibility to run EURHOQUAL Certification
  8. Possibility to offer to your students International EURHODIP Qualification at Level EQF 5, 6 and 7 (Diploma, Bachelor & MBA)
For the Industry
  1. Advertisement available on our annual magazine
  2. Networking with 150 institutions from 35 countries
  3. Active participation to our Annual Conference and General Assembly
  4. Possibility to have a stand during our events
  5. Name placement on website, event programs and publications


Fee Payment for members