1st of May of 2020

Dear Students:

You are the prescribers of the future in the world. Our chimney-free industry, threatened by the pandemic, tourism and hospitality, needs you well prepared.

We must define and build together a new era that is born from the death of the past. The past in life only serves to repent what was done wrong and to gain experience to do it better and in a new fashion. Experience is teaching us that science and scientists are vulnerable. Man needs to be conscience and recognize that nature has its laws and will never go against itself.

If tomorrow the human being, mistaken or perverse, breaks his harmony, trying to be its owner, a crisis like the one we are going through develops. In the history of humanity, at different moments and in different places, every time it happens there is an unforeseen or provoked disaster, a war, a pandemic, chaos.

It is true that human beings are reborn from their ashes, but they must humbly learn from their experience. If we do not, we never progress.

There are 220 thousand dead right now. There are survivors like us who must learn to live a new era. We will all talk about our experiences, how our life, our town, our family, our school was before, and how it should be now.

Everything is born and appears in the human being in which without intelligence, memory, and progress it is impossible.

How to rule the chaos? We are seeing how difficult it is to rectify. We must transmit human values ​​to dominate the chaos: solidarity is the most important and transparency is its conduct.

This old Europe, from where the ancestral culture is born, cannot die burying its dead. It cannot disappear. Because even you, students, are being born into a new era and more generations will knock on the door.

We old people are those witnesses of the past whose experience must serve as a bridge for you seasoned and warned that today you must rebuild the factory. That new factory of emotions and life that is tourism and hospitality, knowledge, respect, treatment of other peoples and of different cultures. There is much to discover between us. In this mission we are committed and that is why EURHODIP has existed for 30 years, trying to create solidarity between teachers and students from the most important European universities and schools in the world. We are 151 member schools in 35 countries. Therefore, you are thousands of students from different ethnic groups united by European culture. These days we have all learned that the health services save lives, but we must learn that educators save the future.

Therefore, dear EURHODIP students, a good future awaits you, a good job if you truly love your vocation.

You are the prescribers for what is to come!

Good luck in the adventure of creating a new era, a new world!

Best regards,

Luis de LEZAMA,

EURHODIP President