4th of March of 2020

Dear Friends:

On the eve of the spring of 2020 I address all EURHODIP schools and universities with the joy of seeing the work our executive team bear fruits. The results are clear: more institutions adhering and pending admission, more presence in various countries and better results in the quality of our students. You will see it in our immediate magazine that is already in the press.

EURHODIP EXAMS are just about ready. And they will give a new international versatility those students who are able to pass them in the proposed challenges; and that will be in the hands of our schools and universities in the month of April. In this way we create EXCELLENCE in a massive student body that is already lavish in the labor market. There are many schools of all kinds that would like to be excellent. But EXCELLENCE is only given by competitiveness. And we, associates, compete.

We create quality excellence in this way. By passing the EURHODIP exams, students present and alumni, who can always be backed by their school, adds a quality that will make a difference when submitting a CV to apply for a position in the best companies. This should be noted to the respected presidents and directors of human resources who continually come to ask us for the human capital that we have mentor.

We are going to raise the bar of our INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIONS with a more regulated procedure and with more competitive and professional awards. We are working for it. It is a challenge that we will inform you.

Our relationship with UNWTO is very important. Through the General Director Mr. Emb. Ion Vilcu and his team, we are setting common goals in the tourism and hospitality industry.

On the other hand, the European Commissioner, Mariya Gabriel, will soon hold a meeting in Brussels with our Executive Board to face together the projects and realities we represent.

Once again, I ask everyone’s collaboration. You have the opportunity and the right to join our program of actions and representations in which alone, given the mainstreaming of governments, we are nobody.

Dear affiliates: select a delegated professor in your institution. Also, a student of recent years, who will feel stimulated, in international programs that open doors to the future of each country, of each school, of each person. We continue working for you, although some do not answer our calls.

This month from March 30 to April 2 we will be again at the international fair Salón de Gourmets in Madrid. We are very sorry that Berlin has had to cancel its ITB, where we also planned on attending.

I remain available to schools that want to receive our visits and inform them directly.

Next May, from 7 to 10 we will celebrate our 90th Board of Directors in Nimes, France under the hospitality of VATEL, which we appreciate. Our secretary, Guilhaume, whose work is commendable, is always at your disposal to inform you.

And don’t forget that our next 27th Congress will be held at Stenden University in Leeuwarden, Netherlands, next 11th to the 15th of November.

Yours faithfully,

Luis de Lezama

EURHODIP President