6th of November of 2019
Dear Friends,

I still have the good feelings of the 26th EURHODIP Congress in Istanbul. It’s 30 years of meetings. Once again, I congratulate all the participants and in a special way Ali Dogan Çamak and his team from Vatel and the University of Nisantasi.

But you have to keep working: stealing time from sleep to be more dreamers. The days we have spent together have enriched each of us and our association. The incorporation of 31 new members in the last two years must serve the oldest of incentive and cost that we are the hotbed of the future and innovation.

The data we have known in the talks and workshops help us to be realistic. Do not isolate. Try to be representatives in the global situation. Our brand is added value to your school.

I want to emphasize the good international study that Vatel Bordeaux has done on its 25th anniversary. Our congratulations to them. You may find HERE the results of the survey  as an informative complement that can serve us all.

Our secretary has updated. Post-congress communications have been made. We have in this first half of November to:

On the 12th at 6:00 p.m. we will celebrate the new Executive Board with the incorporation of the new members from the Board of Directors:

– Ana Moreira (Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo de Lisboa)
– Pierre-Antoine Dubuis (Vatel Switzerland)
– Benjamin Garcia (Vatel Lyon)
– Iñaki Echeveste (Escuela Superior de Hostelería de Sevilla)

We have set the objectives approved in the Board of Directors:
– New exams / New diplomas
– Certifications
– Competitions for students

We will also complete the project of our bimonthly EURHODIP magazine under custom subscriptions.

We started conversations to meet with the community authorities through Commissioner Tibor Navracscis.

We have pending a meeting with the UNWTO in Madrid to establish collaboration plans that contribute to the better development of tourism and hospitality training.

Finally, I want to reiterate to all the directors that I am at your disposal to attend graduation events or commemorative events whenever my schedule allows. But you must announce to the secretary in time. I remind you that the trips are on our account. Nevertheless, accommodations and permanence for the president and a secretary are on behalf of the university or school that invites.

We are determined to be the benchmark of quality, excellence, and academic rigor that the international market prospects offer.

We propose in January 2020 to make a great knock at the doors of the big hotel and tourist brands to seek the necessary sponsorship for the growth of our association.

Yours faithfully,

Luis de Lezama
EURHODIP President