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You are the assistant to the Human Resources Director of a 4-star business hotel. The HR department faces many challenges: increasing fluctuation of staff, high sickness absence rate, and growing number of complaints from guests, difficulty in hiring qualified staff on operational and supervisory levels. A SWOT analysis has identified low staff morale although the hotel shows a healthy business situation. 
Your team is required to investigate the problem in depth and come forward with innovative ideas and solutions on 2 fields: 
– Increase satisfaction and motivation of employees
– Improve the attractiveness of the hotel


You work in the Sales & Marketing team of an individually-operated four-star hotel.

The hotel has above-average F&B-outlets, but limited and out-dated health and spa facilities. It is well-booked from Monday to Friday but the occupancy rate on weekends is below 30%. Instead of offering group business at rock-bottom rates, as your competitors do, the hotel management is looking for new ways of generating business on weekends (with a stronger co-operation with the local tourism office and the introduction of social media marketing).

Your team has been asked to come forward with innovative ideas for marketing the hotel, backed by a sound cost-benefit-analysis, combining the city’s attractions with special offers of the hotel.


You work in the F&B management team of a 4-star, 180-room hotel in a major city.
The hotel is well-located, however 80% of the total revenue comes from rooms, only 20% from F&B. (Details and a layout plan of the hotel ground floor were given to the students).
The reasons are fairly obvious: décor and furniture are dated, the menu is not distinctive, etc. An important investment budget would be available for a complete overhaul of the restaurant.

Students were asked to come forward with innovative ideas for remodeling the restaurant business. As far as possible they should be based on sound budget estimates.


You work in a 4-star, 180-room hotel in a major city. It is a business and meetings hotel with large banqueting facilities which are underused. The General Manager has identified weddings as a growing business. Your team is asked to come up with innovative ideas and offers to capture the wedding market.


The contest was not organized in 2012 as new procedures were being worked out.



Plan and implement a careers event at your school, identifying various sources of student recruitment for the main professions of the hospitality industry and discuss the tools used to attract young people to the industry.


As the Director of Human Resources of a 4-star business hotel facing fluctuation of employees and absenteeism. Suggest innovative solutions in order to improve employee satisfaction and quality of service. 5% of payroll costs can be set aside for appropriate policies.



Make suggestion for a six-course dinner combining special drinks with matching dishes. Food costs should not exceed 50€ per person, drinks being supplied by the producers’ association.


Propose a strategy to target international private individual travellers: focus on website based activities reaching potential guests directly. Action plan should come with a cost-benefit analysis.



Come forward with innovative suggestions for the programme of a welcome dinner during a 3-day congress. Your ideas should reflect the typical culture, specialties and ambiance of your country within a maximum budget of 100€ per person.


Produce innovative ideas for the planning process and the redesign of a 4-star hotel located in a typical 1980’s high-rise building. Your project should focus on décor typical of your country, meeting guests’ expectations, efficient housekeeping procedures, energy saving and sustainable development.



Choose and introduce a particular traditional restaurant/pub/bar concept of your country and come forward with innovative ideas for its further development. The ideas should mainly cover the fields of kitchen, service, drinks, and decoration in order to keep up with the competition from fast food chains.


Your team is responsible for the sales and marketing activities of a four-star business hotel with a low occupancy rate on weekends and limited health and spa installations.

Your team has been asked to come forward with innovative ideas, backed by a sound cost-benefit-analysis, combining the city’s attractions with special offers of the hotel.



Your school organise an Open Day potential new students and their parents. The main objective is to give the visitors an overview of the wide variety and international scope of work in the hospitality industry.

You are asked to develop ideas to present the hospitality industry in an innovative and entertaining way.


You work for a four-star business hotel with high staff turnover affecting cost and quality of service at the same time

You are asked to design an innovative and comprehensive induction programme covering the most important fields of operations (kitchen, restaurant, and housekeeping).


An international congress is organised in your hotel, you are asked to design a programme which introduces the participants to the wine and/or beverage culture of your country and its gastronomy.


Develop a project focussing mainly on food & beverage, and event planning.


Suggest a comprehensive programme within a self- defined but realistic budget, focusing on fostering interaction among the participants


Design a project for the extension of an hotel with the intention to attract international guests.


Your project should focus on F & B, housekeeping and reception.


Write a concise business plan with special focus on the areas of marketing and accounting and budgeting.