Foreword of the president

1 - LR Photo president C VDK

A warm welcome to everyone who is visiting the Eurhodip website.

Eurhodip is a support association for hotel and tourism schools inside and outside Europe. Eurhodip started in the late 1980’s as an association for purely European schools. Over the years a growing interest for Eurhodip started and many schools in several parts of the world applied for membership.

Today Eurhodip gathers some 150 schools and universities from 35 countries. For more than 25 years, Eurhodip has worked on supporting and promoting high quality education for the benefit of member schools and in general the global hospitality and tourism industry. Eurhodip guarantees a high quality support, based on the latest insights in European hospitality and tourism education.

In Eurhodip we are very aware of the industry’s needs for high qualified students coming from our member schools. All our efforts are focused on the quality of competencies of all stakeholders and especially the global employability of students. We have recently been working on further improvement of services and products towards a more global perspective as an aspect of our future ambitions and promises to our member schools.

In Eurhodip, schools with a hospitality or tourism program are very welcome and will find many products and services for Directors, Teachers and Students. Our language of communication in Eurhodip is English and French, which gives us the opportunity for global membership communication and a global approach towards the hospitality and tourism industry.

For a more detailed service overview and membership requirements, I would like to invite you to the menu of our website. Welcome to our table and we hope that you will join us soon.

Drs. Cees van der Klip