Foreword of the president

Welcome to our EURHODIP page.

We are an association born in Brussels in 1988, dedicated to help our Superior Schools of Hospitality and Tourism; and our European universities to spread our culture to the world. We currently represent more than 180 institutions from 35 different countries around the entire world. This is the result of many directors and professors throughout thirty years of experiences shared at 24 annual international congresses and more than 20 gastronomy competitions celebrated.

We are in countries such as France, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Slovenia, Lithuania, Israël, Armenia, North Cyprus, Morocco, Croatia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Moldova, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, and new countries that are joining us this year. Each one supplies their own culture to the history of gastronomy and tourism within the European frame that serves as our base and meeting point.

The demand in the world for our industry is growing. The tourism culture is becoming a key piece in the new economy. Each year our students are demanded more because the guarantee of a controlled degree and the prestige of an academic rigor experience given by our associated schools. There isn’t a doubt that Europe is the gastronomy and hotelier nest that was enriched with the discovery of the new and exotic world. This is now present in the majority of our countries thanks to the exchange programs organized and promoted by our association, EURHODIP.

The industry needs us to promote their innovation basis of the tourism and hospitality resources. We are the ones that facilitate them with our human capital who are young and prepared for new products and services. Through this association, our schools are internationalized. We train the “know how” in our students. They come out prepared for the exchange of cultures and languages that the industry need around entire world.

Pay attention to our new services and to this place where there will be a series of new concepts to understand in the formation and reality of the processes of change in the future of the hospitality industry.

Welcome to the hotel of ideas, to the table of eating well, and to the services of doing good! We are Europeans open to the new world and respectful to the environment that creates a healthy and organized habitat.


Luis Lezama Barañano
President of EURHODIP