EURHOQUAL – Eurhodip Internal Quality System

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Is an internal procedure for schools to organize their quality system, a service offered by Eurhodip.


  • is a perfect tool to prepare a school for accreditation.
  • makes the accreditation process less stressful and gives a consistent approach towards internal quality control
  • is an instrument for the daily quality care in schools. It can be used on a regular basis for improving of the school, making year plans and developing change strategies.

EURHOQUAL – “the bodyguard system”
intends to help schools in the preparation for accreditation especially in the self-evaluation and also in their internal quality control system.
Member schools can ask for EURHOQUAL Internal Quality System.
Further to the first step, schools can ask for a full accreditation.
The implementation of the nine quality fields developed in the support instrument into the internal quality system of the school provides a complete quality check that can be transformed into a self-evaluation report if used in a consistent and complete manner. 

If you are interested in applying for EURHOQUAL – the Eurhodip Internal Quality System, please contact Eurhodip secretariat in order to get further information 

Guilhaume GARCIA
Tel : +34 673 83 25 19
Mail :