Eurhodip Awards

Every year, since the first Eurhodip conference in 1994, our association congratulates personalities from the world of hospitality and tourism worldwide for their contribution and their commitment. The award-giving ceremony is held during the gala dinner at the end of the yearly conference.

Promotion 2017 – Séville – Espagne

M. Andreas Schleicher (Germany)
Director the Directorate of Education and Skills (OECD)

M. Cees van der KLIP (Netherlands)
Honorary President of EURHODIP

M. Miguel VILLEGAS (Spain)
He was General Director of Tourism in the Junta de Andalucía, currently General Director of Centur Asesores.

Year 2016 –  Yerevan  – ARMENIA

Mr Taron Margaryan (Armenia)
Mayor of Yerevan
Mr Levon Mkrtchyan (Armenia)
Minister of Education and Science
Mrs Amelia Tomašević (Croatia)
Owner of Quality in Tourism – Hotels&Destinations, a consulting company Lecturer in several Croatian universities, guest lecturer in several international universities

Year 2015 – Tel Aviv  – ISRAEL

Mr Alfred AKIROV (Israel)
Founder & Chairman of ALROV
Mrs Mina GANEM (Israel)
Director of Professional Training in Tourism in the Ministry of Tourism of Israel
Henri MAGNE (France)
International Development consultant, advisor to the president of Group Vatel

Year 2014 – Vilnius – LITHUANIA

Mr Valdas TRINKUNAS (Lithuania)

Owner and CEO of JSC “Raminora” (“SPA Vilnius Sana”)

Year 2013 – Maribor – SLOVENIA

Mitja MARUSKO (Slovenia)
Head of the Directorate for Investments at Ministry of Education, Sciences and Sport

Viktor PUGIEV (Russia) – President of Central Council for Tourism and Excusions

Jaume TAPIES (France) – President of Relais & Châteaux

Year 2012 – Martigny – SWITZERLAND

Andrew GREEN (United Kingdom)
General Manager Eurest Sevices (Compass Group in UK)

Year 2011 – Paris – FRANCE

Alain SEBBAN (France)
President Vatel Group

Marjan HRIBAR (Slovenia)
General Manager of Tourism Secretariat for the Ministry of Economy

Year 2010 – Zaragoza – SPAIN

Rafael ENSON (Spain)
Presidente de la Real Academia Española de Gastronomia

Ahmet AKTAS (Turkey)
Director of School of Tourism and Hotel Management of Akdeniz University of Antalya

Year 2009 – Bologna – ITALY

Massimo BOTTURA (Italy)
Star Chef owner of Osteria Francescana in Modena

Annie DENIS (Belgium)
Director Haute Ecole Provinciale de Namur

Year 2008 – Casablanca – MOROCCO

Terenzio MEDRI (Italy)
President of Associazione Italiana Sommeliers

Abderrahim OUMMANI (Morocco)
President Conseil Régional du Tourisme Agadir

Antonio AGUIAR (Portugal)
General Manager Cidadela Group Hotels

Year 2007– London – UNITED KINGDOM

Mr Fernand DAVID (Beldium)
Vice President Hilton Group – Managing Director FDMS

Mr Enrique LOPEZ VIGURIA (Spain)
Secretary General ESADE Barcelona

Year 2006– Bordeaux – FRANCE

Mr Jean-Michel HOERNER (France)
Dean Faculty of Sports, Tourism and International Hospitality and Past President of University of Perpignan

Mrs Hynd CHKILI (Morocco)
Director of Training and Cooperation for the Ministry of Tourism

Year 2005 – Madrid – SPAIN

Grupo GOURMETS (Spain)

Mr Pedro GALINDO VEGAS (Spain)
President IH Group

Mr Luis de LEZAMA (Spain)
President Grupo Lezama

Year 2004 – Namur – BELGIUM

Mrs Liliane PLOUVIER (Belgium)

Mr Cees VAN DER KLIP(The Netherlands)

Mr Georges PANAYOTIS (France)

Year 2003 – Moscow – RUSSIA

Mr René MENU (Belgium)

Mrs Natalya SHENGELIA (Russia)

Year 2002 – Maastricht – THE NETHERLANDS

Mr Antonio MUÑOZ (Spain)

Mr Jacques COLLEN (France)

Year 2001 – Venice – ITALY

Mr Robert Mc DONALD (United Kingdom)

Mrs Franca RICCI (Italy)

Year 2000 – Seville – SPAIN

Mr Carlo FAIT (Italy)

Mr Raphael ANSON (Spain)

Year 1999 – Heidelberg – GERMANY

Mr Antonio STRIULI (Italy)

Mr Paul MARCHAL (Belgium)

Mr Gunther HAUG (Germany)

Year 1998 – Lyons – FRANCE

Mr Frank FOL

Mrs Patricia LENAOUR


Year 1997 – Guernsey – UNITED KINGDOM



Mrs Ingrid ROEKENS

Mr Antonio RUBIO

Year 1996 – Namur – BELGIUM



Mrs Wivina BORN

Year 1995 – Barcelona – SPAIN

Mr Alain-Philippe FEUTRE

Mrs Marianne MÜLLER

Mr Jorge Vila FRADERA

Year 1994 : Nîmes – FRANCE

Mr Georges PRALUS




M. Antonio MUÑOZ

M. Jacques COLLEN